Jan 2, 2010

The Boy Next Door (Street Chic) Darnell A. Henderson II

1. What's your name? And where are u from?
My name is Darnell A. Henderson II from TN

2. What's your defenition of style?
My definition of style is true creativity/innovation. I recognize style as way of presenting yourself and how well execute your look. A person with style always looks comfortable and confident in what they're presenting.

3. If your style could be compared to any season of the year, what season would it be?
A season that could be compared to my style is winter. Cold! All about the layers, deep colors, thick textures! Winged peacoats and rich leather bombers! I dig the cold weather accessories (scarves, caps, etc.)

4. What's your daily inspiration for your daily outfit?
My inspiration for my daily outfit is all about my destination for the day..how I can make people look twice while at school, work, around the city, or a night out!

5. If your style had it's own playlist, who would be on it?
A playlist for my style...."black and gold" by sam sparro, "fear" by drake, a jazz mix Jaspects and amel larrieux, N.E.R.D "beautiful place", Ryan Leslie (every song), Carlos Santana, Lauryn Hill unplugged "I remember", maxwell "possum playing", maybe Kelis "blindfold me", Common "punch drunk love" and "the light", top it off with a little donny hathaway "we're still friends" and Miles davis (im vintage like that) lol.

6. Who do you think is taken over in the fashion game right now?
Right now I feel like (for the females) rihanna is killing the fashion game. Her style is edgy and over the top but the thing I love the most about it is the fact that it's functional... Her demeanor allows it to look more like ready-to-wear instead of a costume. For the guys I'll hand it to the Jonas Brothers..(I know right) they're integration of contemporary menswear and edgy urban gear makes for a good look. I dig their color palletes and and the clean finishes. Don't see too many guys doing that...

7. What would the name of your fashion mag be if u had one?
I'd name my magazine "Allen"...plain and simple lol. Or maybe I'd name it "plain and simple"...lol.

8.What would your message be to those who want to dare to have their own style but fear the judgement of others people opinion?
To the people that won't take risks in fear of what others will say about what they have on...."lighten up its just fashion!"-Tim Gun "project runway" People respect an individual more than a copy cat. Sure you may get side looks but that's because they don't understand something different. Their minds won't stretch far enough beyond their norms so they can't appreciate something different. So nothing is wrong with you or your desire to be a risk taker. Something's wrong with the people that can't understand it's just clothes...

Thank you again Darnell!!

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