Jan 2, 2010

LOCS on the BLOCK- JUJU Wilkerson from Indiana

1. When did u decide to go natural and why?
I decide to go natural in May of 2009, I actually started half of the process in Feburary of 2009 not knowing what I was doing, just wearing a "hairstyle". I chose to conform after watching a couple of videos of women with natural, which inspired me.

2. Which did u find easier to maintain relaxers or natural?
My natural hair is easier to maintain because I actually enjoy styling my natural hair and its more cost efficient. Even though I wash it everyday once its done I dont have to worry about the upkeep, or weather conditions.

3. What are your pros and cons of u having natural hair?
The pros of having natural hair are, how healthy my hair is, it cost efficient, dont have to worry about weather conditions. The cons are you have to do more to actually care for it, but in a way its not that bad because I enjoy careing for my hair.

4. What is your ideal length?
I dont really have a ideal length but a ideal volume. I want a HUGE FRO!!!

5. What do you use on your hair?
I use Coconut Milk conditioner by Organix with extra virgin oliv oil, Paul Michels foaming pomade, and a leave in conditioner.

6. How does your hair make u feel?
My hair makes me feel good and more confidnet.

7.What would be your message to permies who are afraid to be natural?
I would tell them that, its just hair and if you dont like it then you can always go back to the perm. But your natural hair can also be everythin your permed hair cant.

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pierre said...

this is hott. juju is hott and sexy. i personaly think that style is sexy but everybody cant pull it off