Jun 26, 2011


Q.Who is Rachel Beau?
a. My real name is actually Jah! :) I'm fully aware that I'm no Whoopi Goldberg or Muhammad Ali, but I thought it'd be fun and exciting to create a blog with what I thought was a PRETTY AWESOME name. My boyfriend and I came up with it one morning over breakfast. The name Rachel sounds so pretty, feminine, and happy. While Beau is the masculine mysterious side. Believe me I took time and thought about this!

Q. How long have you been natural?
a. I was natural in 2007--got a perm. In 2009 got my 2nd BC (Big Chop) and have been natural ever since.

Q. What do you use in your hair?
a. I use the basics pretty much. I use Shea Butter, olive oil, conditioner, LOTS of water, and some Shea Moisture Products.

Q. What type of camera do you use?
a. It depends. Sometimes I use my handy dandy Iphone4, my Canon Powershot (when I don't want to carry a big camera), and then there's the big camera--my Canon T3i. 

Q. Where do you like to shop?
a. Anywhere that has something I like or gotta have! :)

Q. Who designs your layout/blog?
a. I did everything on my own. It took a lot of manipulating. I'm not a professional graphic template designer or anything.

Q. What are you studying in school?
a. I'm majoring in Commercial Music Technology. 

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