Jan 1, 2010

On to the NEXT SOUL?!? (Jay-Z "On to the Next One" video)

Alright Mr. Sean Knowles-Carter! Now correct me if I'm wrong... but this video looks like it's throwin more subliminal messages than a McDonalds Commercial!! Don't get me wrong, Jay is a WONDERFUL artist and business man, but to willingly put this video out to the public makes me wonder what his inner person is like.
I know this man has heard the devil worshipping, Illum. accusations and incriminations and probably wanted to play around with the media and public who FIRMLY believe that he's sold his soul to the devil... Honestly I don't know what to believe.. But to be willing to mess around in this even if it's a joke, is nothing to play with.. Why portray yourself and your talent/art this way??? What do you guys think?

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LaTonya Bynum said...

It is all marketing mostly along with a couple of subliminal messages.