Jul 10, 2009

Rachel Beau's Street Chic of The Week..- Mr. Urquhart-Romeo

Hello Bloggers! Here is Michael Romeo, a 20 year old Chemistry majored student/singer from Brooklyn, who also has a taste for fashion and style. Check out where his position in his fashion domain is!

1. If you could be any shoe, what shoe would you be?
If I could be any shoe, I would be a SW**R Denim shoe, because the style is usually eclectic and innovative.

2. What song would you say best described your style?
I think that Erykah Badu's On and On describes my style best: carefree, high energy, relaxed.

3. Do you have any Shoppers Tips for anyone who likes to shop on a bargain, or on a splurge?
One shopping tip: I would go on google and find all the discount codes by typing in the store that you shop at and discount code next to that. That always helps out!

4. If your style could be any cartoon which would it be?
If my style was a cartoon, it would be Aladdin. That ninja was fresh. The pointy shoes, wealthy looking robes. Even the street rat outfit was fly. lol

5. Who is your favorite designer and why?
My favorite designer is Marc Jacobs. This changes all the time based on what I see out in the market, but Marc Jacobs does his thing. His fits are so different and while the are expensive, they look great.

6. What is your favorite season of fashion, and why?
I love the fall season for fashion because i love putting on layers. The more layers, the more opportunities to get fly.


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