Mar 28, 2012

New iPhone App:

Found a new iPhone app for you guys, again! I don't know how it's happening, but I find a cool one every other week. This new app, called VidRhythm, is so awesome that I want to make it my blog's commercial! It records sounds you make with your mouth when you're mimicking an instrument like a drum or horn, and it tunes your voice to where it creates an entire song with only your voice! Does that not sound enticing?
Below is where I got my inspiration to do my own video. 

Miss Erykah Badu's VidRhythm
I did my own. There are different styles and music genres you can choose from, and I chose to do Hip-Hop! 
Patrick looked at me like I was crazy while recording, but he's the one that missed out on the fun. 
So, I really wanna see you guys' videos if you ever get a chance to play with the app!

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