Mar 21, 2012

In Love With
Loretta Brown

 I'm writing this because I'm having my moment with this artist. I typed in "Erykah Badu Interview" into youtube today, and what led me to this Youtube search is my iTunes shuffle playing "Bag Lady". Hearing the song made me want to look at the video (below). I've never stopped listening to Badu, but sometimes I forget how amazing she is. I think it was watching the video that reminded me of how much of a leader she is. 
The way she thinks and deliver messages musically, is admiring--Not to mention her  awesome sense of style. 
Bag Lady made me want to look at her interviews.
This lady is BOMB. 
This video made me fall in love with her all over again. I love how she's sure of herself and everything around her, but appreciates the experience of growth. She's so aware and wants her people to be, too--I appreciate women like her.

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