Feb 5, 2012

Rachel Beau's Promo Video: WOEHUNDRED WEEK 2K12

Hey beautiful! Hope everything is well this lovely weekend!! My Saturday is going by just fine! As my favorite reader, I wanted to share with you a project I worked on. I go to an HBCU, and we have events where each organization on campus has their week to invite students that aren't in the organization to events to see if they're interested in joining. This week is NACWC's week, and  The video is a promo video for The National Association of Colored Women's Clubs, Inc. Frankie J. Pierce Federated Chapter, and our brother organization, Collegiate 100. I'm a member of NACWC, Inc. and I thought that I could put a lil of my taste on the video!   

It was beyond fun shooting this video! Everyone was very cooperative and willing to make this a smooth procedure! Thank you to everyone who participated in the "Dangerous Duo" 2012 promotion video. If I could give some type of award for the acting, believe me, I would. I must give a huge shout out to my beau, YoungPatB, for the assisted directing and sound editing! I'm so glad that he was willing to help and add his pizzaz--it was greatly appreciated!
I also want to state that I'm so, so, so proud of myself! I got the idea and the shooting done under 12 hours. I had no idea that it would look as great and elegant as it did! I'm so happy that the ppl who were in involved in it, and the people that watched it and loved it, thought it was a great promo!! 
There will be many more to come!

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