Feb 13, 2012

Knowing The Difference

Something's been on my mind lately about the newer generation and their sense of style. I'm not crowning myself as the guru of fashion and retail, but somethings I know for sure, every young should have to know.
Lately, I've seen ppl dress for the day with evening attire. Sometimes we get cute little items that go both ways, but every accessory is not the flexible accessory!   

I'm no expert, but I put together a little combination of shoes, clothes, and jewelry (things we love). I think the problem is that some gals don't know how to dress up for the day--well at least in my location. I've seen after 10pm lounge and nightclub attire in class rooms. Us girls love to look nice and well put together, but I think we need to be aware of the differences. 

In the day is usually when we run most of our errands. I don't know about you, but when I'm handling business, I like to move quickly so I can hurry and get it over with! Now, with a lace mini skirt, some fishnet stockings, and a mini clutch, in my opinion, will slow you down! 

Solange Knowles
Above we have one of our favorite girl of style, fashion, and fun. She wears her style so effortlessly! There are two looks that I consider day looks. Both looks are casual, fun, and not too much.
LEFT: The one on the left is a bit more dressed up, but it still doesn't portray a "night out at the club" ensemble. 
Everything contrasts so well and the look as whole screams "fun" and "flirty".
RIGHT: This look is a fun and flirty day look as well. She has on minimum accessories, and the jumper, along with it's color, looks amazing! Her wedges aren't dressy, and they pair well with the jumper. I JUST LOVE IT ALL!  

Here, Solange's look is obviously evening because both looks are see-through. Yes, I've witnessed some ladies wearing sheer in the day the wrong way. 
LEFT: I LOVE THIS DRESS!! I'm a fan of lace. Lace is so elegant to me. Though the entire dress is lace only, Solange wears the dress so right-one of the classiest lace pieces I've seen. She didn't over do the look, either. It's all about the dress. You wouldn't wear this dress to a family picnic, to class, or to the bank. If you would wear this to those places, please reconsider.
RIGHT: This dress is fierce, too. It is short and tasteful. Solange accents her outfits like an expert. It's sheer, it's loud, pink and it's short. That's all the points you need to know that it's not meant to be a day dress. 


I hope I helped a tad bit! Style is fun. There are many ways we can switch it up throughout our entire day if we wanted--why stick to just one? Let me know your opinion, and show me some of your day to night looks!
Au revoir!

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