Oct 29, 2010

Diane von Furstenberg, My Aunt in Fashion

So, I had this dream last night that I'd gone to this event during Fashion Week in New York. Whatever and Wherever this event was, it was in a REALLY HUGE building. I was meeting up with my aunt and cousin. Janet Jackson was my cousin. She wore a satin and silk midnight blue flowing dress, but her weave was messed up. I met up with cousin Janet first so she could give me tickets to some fashion show. After we met up, we went on our way to go see our aunt. What do you know??! It's Diane Von Furstenberg! We were on the highest level of this building about to have lunch. The building did NOT have elevators- Just stairs! The carpet looked like a vintage Versace shirt with a print sort of like the shirt below. This shirt almost looks exactly like the carpet.

Any who,When I met up with Aunt Diane (hehehe), she looked me up and down. This is what I looked like- the closest thing to it. 
Of course my face didn't look like hers because THAT'S NOT ME! LOL. Other than that, everything above is to the "T". I had an oversized clutch bag that was THIS GREEN (well almost that green), that was this big

and this style. (but remember not this color)
Aunt Diane, Cousin Janet, and I were enjoying lunch discussing fashion, love, and life having so much fun! One day I shall conquer this look, and actually have lunch Aunt Diane! 
I'm such a dork for this post. LOL

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