Sep 2, 2010

Spike Lee's School Daze: Good & Bad Hair (Wannabe's & Jiggaboo's)

School Daze is one of my favorites from Spike Lee. To this day I still don't understand why some people just don't like Spike Lee movies, they're like art! The music, the acting, the dancing, and the picture he paints about what's going on in the world and as you can see here at HBCU's (Historically Black Universities and Colleges). This particular scene is one of my fav's from the movie. This is when the light skin permed hair girls battle it out with singing and dancing with the dark skin natural haired girls. For those who've never seen this movie please go out and rent it or buy the dvd it wouldn't be a waste (promise)... Just watch it! BTW I mentioned it before in another post, but I didn't find the video I was looking for, but now it's here! 

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