Sep 1, 2010

Hair Like Theirs: Lethal Pleazure and Ms Vaughn

I love this chick's hair! As of right now I have my hair cut short  on the sides and longer in the top, and this is a great source of making a style last! This style reminds me of Joi Lee (Spike Lee's  sister). The twist out and the style it's cut and growing so beautifully! I can't wait until mine grows more so I could contribute this to my hair. 

If I still had my longer hair, I would like this style.. Some way some how I would make this a protective style. Right now I'm currently reminiscing.. Anywho.. Plus I just like her videos..

Check both of these ladies out, I love their channels and their hair. My hair type is more related to Lethal Pleazure's, which is a tighter curl pattern, but most of the styles that MsVaughn wears could be for any type. Anywho, these ladies are full of personality, inspiration, and ideas of all kinds.. Please MAKE SURE you check them out! 

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