Jul 19, 2010

Natural Hair Like Hers: Courtney from Houston, TX!!!

1. Of course everyone has to know (lol) Where's your location, When was your BC and How was your feeling before and after getting it done?
i live in the wonderful, fun, hot HOUSTON, TX baby!!!! born, raised and feed...lol...
i have been natural since about 2006, but i didnt BC until my 21st birthday on august 6 2009.. i love it!!! i was turned a huge year, i dyed is peach blonde, and no one couldnt tell me i wasnt fine....lol.. i felt so sexy, and different and so out of the box... it grew fast.. by the time march hit of the next year it was already to my shoulders.. i went to miami that march and missed my short hair, so when i got back home i chopped it all off again to less than an inch!!!!

2. How do you incorporate your hair with your mood?
i am a very free type of person, always did my own thing and my hair is all of those things... it is an extended part of me.

3. If your hair could be compared to any song, what song would it be?
right nowit would so be the katy perry song"california girls"!!!! the song is so cute and fun,and that is totally my hair... i love adding flowers to my hair, something i think is so cali.... totally want to live there!!! lol

4. what's your favorite style?
my favorite style right now would have to be my mohawk... my hair is growing back and i love to do different things even though i dont have much to work with right now, and that give me the effect of something totally different...and i usually do a twist out on the top... uhhh the BEST!!!

5. What's your hair regimen?
i rinse my hair or spritz it with water everyday, maybe two or three times a day. I live in houston and its usually hot 8 months out of the year so i have to keep my hair moist. I co-wash maybe every 3 to 4 days, sometimes more since my hair is always in water, it doesnt really get dirty that quickly. every weekend i try to do a deep condition with coconut oil. jojoba oil, honey hemp conditioner, and let it sit for about 2 hours... wash it out and my hair is like butter.

6. Do you always feel like styling your hair?
lol...of course not... thats when the headbands come in handy...but that only happens a couple times... i find it fun and relaxing to do my hair.

7. If you compared your hair to any fruit and any day of the week, which fruit and day of the week would it be?
probably a mango!!! i love them, they are beauitful, colorful, fun, and something you love in the SUN...and on a SATURDAY!!! mango and a saturday just sounds fun and free... like my personality and my hair.

8. What is your opinion about the saying "Natural Hair is Not for Everyone"??
that is a really good question.. i totally think that is not for everyone. people for some reason think that being natural is easy and we are lazy because our hair is in its natural state, which is so not true... it take time and patience to get your hair to not only look good but to feel good and be healthy. if you arent willing to take the time it takes to make sure hair wonderful and dreamy then dont do it.... it is the worst for me when i see people with natural hair and dont take care of their beautiful curls.

9. Do you ever plan on switching up your natural? (i.e. getting locs, a cut into a style?)
YES i totally am!!! i promised myself that i would only get my ends trimmed and not cut my hair until i turn 26... i will be 22 in about 3 weeks, so thats gives me four years before i cut it again. i just want to see how long it can truly get. then i said i would go ahead a start to loc my hair. i love locs and thats the only hair style i havent dont yet... so im excited for my journey ahead!!!

10. Could you share with some people how it feels to be natural, and why you think it's a GREAT transition?
my decision to go natural was all about me. my husband at the time hated the idea of me not having long hair, i had it all my life so that was what people thought of when they saw me. but when my life took a different turn, i would to change. so i just went in the bathroom and just started cutting!!!! i was nervous at first and i was like omgeeee what did i just do.. but it only took about an hour for me to love it!!!! then on my birthday i went and got it shaped and colored. i think it is great because one head of curls is like another, and i just love that..i live to express myself through my clothes and hair, and what better way then through our beautiful curls... no other race can get the springy, bouncy curls like we can!!!!!

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