Jul 19, 2010


Hey readers! I haven't shared with you a little challenge of change that I've decided to do. I've decided to be a product of "The Master Cleanse Detox Diet". Today is my first day, and BOY am I hungry!! Patrick and I started together at the same time, and he's put a lot of Cayenne Pepper in his juice!! For those of who don't know what the "The Master Cleanse" is, it is basically a detoxing of the body that consists of Lemons, Maple Syrup,and cayenne pepper for the lemonade. You also have to do Salt Water Flushes, and take Laxative Teas. For more info click here. Any who- I was almost convinced into getting some Subway with Patrick- we played "rock, paper, scissors" and everything. I'm glad that we decided not to go lol.. I heard that the first 3 days are the hardest, I think I am becoming a witness of this. 

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