Jun 5, 2010

Wish List: Tom Ford Aviator Sunglasses

So... I've added another accessory to my ever so present and growing wish list..(drumroll)... TOM FORD AVIATOR SHADES! I don't know the exact name, type, or line these type of aviators come from, but I DO know that if a pair just so happens to pop up in my mail box or under someone's Christmas Tree (for me), believe you me, I won't get upset at all! Any who- these bad boys are calling my name!! They're nothing but a MEASLY $419.00!

The ones I want are the ones that Ashley Olsen (if that's the right twin) have on. The brown ones are okay, but I am in EXTREME LIKE of the BLACK pair. I don't want to say love because I don't want to become too attached! :)

photo courtesy of: upscale hype, olsens anonymous, and eye goodies

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