May 4, 2010

FIELDTRIP: The Symphony

So.. April 29, 2010. My History II teacher suggested that her students go to listen to a symphony.. It was a required because we had to do some papers on it- 4pages. Any who, we went to hear Chopin/Mahler performed live and it was AMAZINGLY GREAT! I'd have to post videos later to let you hear how it sounded, but It will happen soon! My friend Tish and I went, and it was relaxing! We had wine bought for us, they had tasty salad, and the acoustics took my breath away! Just check out the pics! comment if u will!
This nice guy that bought the drinks! LOL Hey Gary ;-)

Tish and I sat behind us in 20 years..LOL Cute! She's on the left! LOL.. I thought this was so ironic! 

Pic before it started.. EXCITED! 

When they started to play, I had to put my camera up..LOL it was making flash noises.. Video coming soon -peace.

all photos by: Rachel Beau (me)
 copyright © geaux beau 2010

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