Apr 29, 2010


For a while now, I've been a person without owning any type of transportation! And Dag nabit! I'm so tired and withdrawn from nagging the same story.. Though soon I will be saving to get me my own car, but in the meanwhile I would like a bike! If I have to buy my own car, someone else has to get me a bike.. WHO? I don't know but it should be soon and it should be cute.. For those very close to me that ever take the time to read my blossoming blog..PLEASE TAKE NOTE!.. (ahem)

The last two are my favorite. I want a cute little bicycle.. not a mountain bike! But a cute one with a little basket like the red one up there. I think I would like the color to be either Cream, light yellow, navy blue,or dark purple. None of these colors mixed just one color.. and a wooden basket.. so I could put LUCY in and we can ride out on the town!! But anywho.. Gimmie a bike with a basket.. I shall have to create a name.. Toodles!

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