Apr 30, 2010

PERSONAL: Signed My Name

I don't want to become this big mogul or anything. I did once before but I realized that it's things much better in life than a whole bunch of people knowing your name. At the same time, it's good when people know your name and good things come to mind. It's a lot to a name.. I don't have to be this Russell Simmons, Tyra Banks, Beyonce..etc.. You know? The usual people, that if they were to leave this earth it probably wouldn't be a drastic malfunction of the rotation of solar system. However; I do want those who have encountered working with me to always remember my good name, and who I was a person.. I don't want to take over the world,or have people screaming my name, but I do want to do my part in this world, and deliver the best of what I love to do.. The importance of life to me is to be HAPPY.

Photo by: Rachel Beau (me)

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Flam! said...

I couldnt agree with you more!!!