Apr 22, 2010

EARGASM: Terence Blanchard & Bilal- "When Will You Call?"

So... Yesterday I was with my good good friend Tish, who's mentioned in one of my previous entries "Hair Like Hers- BIG CHOP". She and I went out on the town shopping, visiting her family, going to seminars, and just having a relaxed evening. When the day was almost over, we were in the car about to go into Kroger, but I heard this beautiful song over the radio! It brought me to tears it was such a beautiful song- the words, the instrumentation, the emotions it was delivering were such an astounding combination! Of course Tish was looking at me like I lost it, and she's a fellow artist like myself, but she didn't judge me too hard! Just listen to it, vibe to it, and feel it! It may not take a toll on you like it did me, but I think you'll appreciate the sounds and context. -Peace

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