Feb 3, 2010

LOCS on the BLOCK- Ms. Camille Brunson

When did u decide to go natural, and why?
I decided to go natural over a year ago. My original reason was because I wanted something different I was tired of the same old thing but the reason became deeper and more meaningful. That reason being acceptance of self and true beauty.

Do u find being natural difficult? If so, what makes it that way?
At times it can be difficult with the time it takes combing and twisting but overall I LOVE it.

What's your hair routine?
Well im kind of a clean freak so I wash my hair quite a bit but during the semester atleast one to two times a week. I use both regular condition then rinse and use leave in conditioner.
Some of my fav products are hollywood beauty carrot cream cholesterol and Carol's Daughter's leave in conditioner. I believe clean and conditioned hair is healthy hair. I would advise anyone with natural hair to stay away from heat it will cause heat damage I am speaking from experience.

What's your favorite hairstyle?
My favorite hair style is the twist out because you can always style it however u like. A fruit I would say an apple because apples are used to make many things such as apple juice, apple pie, apple cobbler and cider. Just like an apple my hair can have various forms from twists to braids to straight to rocking a fro.

If you compared your hair to any fruit, and gave it a nickname, what would they be?
The nickname would be Speedy cuz it grows really fast.

What's your major? Do you think your hair would be a problem in your career field?
I am a biology major with aspirations to become a physician. I don't believe my hair would be a problem in the field at all because I've seen several doctors with natural hair and Im a firm believer in God so what's for me is for me no matter what the negative connotation is associated with my hair.

What are some misconceptions and stereotypes that you've heard about women with natural hair?
The most common misconception is anyone with natural hair is affrocentric. I love black people I do but I'm not afrocentric. Some people think that men aren't interested in women with natural hair. Some men are simply uneducated on the matter and only knows the societal views of what beauty is, but there are a lot of others who love it as much as you, and that's the guy you want anyway.

How does being natural make u feel?
Being natural gives me a sense of acceptance and liberation to be myself and only myself I absolutely love who I am physically and spiritually, even more I love who I'm becoming.

What would be your message to people who want to go natural but are afraid?
My message to those who want to go natural but are afraid like Nike "Just Do It" The first month may be a little rocky but surround yourself with postive and inspirational people who know you are not defined by your hair. It's a journey worth taking and I guarantee you will be satisfied with the end results. I LOVE my natural hair.

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