Jan 9, 2010

PiecE & SOLE ✌ 01/09/10

Well... I must say I put this together quite well! LOL.. I kind of wish Polyvore had men's clothing so I can put together some things for the guys! I like this coat. the draping ruffles.. and the little accessories I've selected to go with them looks cute! Tell me what you think... Or tell me what you'd like to see for a certain occasion.. I'll see what I can put together! Toodles!


.dori tee. said...

So cute! I love it all! Damnit, Jah. Ur a fashion genius...I just get lucky every now and then.

QWEENflam said...

YES YES YES I LOVE I LOVE the shoes...the earrings...the coat AND DID I SAY THE SHOES...LOVE LOVE LOVE!!