Jan 9, 2010

a DOLLOP (simple fashion)

Most people try so hard to pull of chic and classy without knowing the secrets!! Well, truthfully it isn't a secret it's just that sometimes people tend  to add/do TOO MUCH! For instance "boots with the fur"! Then they're COACH boots with the "C" printed all over the place! That is a BIG NO NO!!
 Me personally I don't like the name brand clothes with the pattern/name SPLATTERED all over it.
 I don't like the "urban" wear, such as the Apple Bottoms, the Phat Pharm the Roca Wear, the Dereon.. etc. To me it's like they force their style on you and make you accommodate with their (the urban wear designers) style instead of inventing and creating your own. Plus, none of those names sound high fashion or classy anyway!
I wanted to share my method- a method probably many already go by, but it's a method of the "Fashion Intelligent".. LOL

My method is to always keep it simple. Chic and Classy is always with the SHOE and the PROPS (accessories) depending on the outfit. If you had an extravagant outfit, the shoe and props should be simple (Vice Versa). It's not about where you get it from whose name is on it as long as it looks good on you! You don't always have to go to the mall to find fancy stuff! BTW it's not what you buy that makes it fancy it's how you wear it that makes it fancy!
As shown above, you see some jeans Skinny and Boyfriend fit (right), a simple white v-neck t-shirt, a hat, a scarf, a pair of boots, and rose stud earrings. All girls should have that favorite accessory. Your favorite accessory is that prop that you can wear with ANYTHING! whether it's some shoes, scarf, etc, it should be that prop that adds to your simple outfit, or sets you're outfit off! Always remember..
or if that's too modest..


qweenFLAM said...

Totally agree.....I am surprised you didnt say something about...that ED Hardy mess!!!

Rachel Beau said...

LOL.. he was included in the etc..

Kesh Kesh said...

YES! Accessories are kool but when they overwhelm you and your outfit its time to put it back in the closet! lol Love it :)