Jan 23, 2010

Baby TEEN MOMMA Drama ☛☜

SO.. though some of you guys aren't pro MTV reality television, I know you've come across MTV's reality show Teen Mom. I know plenty of you have your own opinions of each of  these girls and their roles as mothers, and on their parenting skills. On this show, we have Catelynn, Farrah, Macie, and Amber- all of which are 17 with a child. We're not here to discuss Catelynn and Amber, out of the four I respect these two the most. They've both made brave decisions!! It's Farrah and Maci that makes me annoyed and upset. Farrah is a bad mother, and Macie is Sprung on that douche BABY DADDY (ryan) of hers, that she  is not taking into consideration what's really good for her son. These ladies both need counseling.


This young lady here is just SPOILED ROTTEN! She gave birth to a baby girl and put all of the responsibility on her parents! THEN, she gets mad when they tell her to stay home and watch HER child, and gets mad when someone says that she needs to be a better mother!! She goes out with random dudes from different cities and doesn't have anytime for her little Sophie. You know it's bad when a stranger calls you out about her parenting. I haven't seen her do one good motherly thing for her daughter! She's paid for somethings but money doesn't nurture you, or teach you morals. She says, "I don't get to live a normal life!" If she was gon' be like this.. She should've gotten that birth control a little bit earlier.
Teen Mother Star Rate: ★


Let's get to the these two. I just think Maci is dumb because she is still tolerating this little boy (Ryan). I don't see how she's a teen mom raising TWO children (Ryan and Bentley) already. He clearly stated that "If you didn't have bentley we probably wouldn't be together." Yet and still does she aim to MARRY this fool!! She breaks up with him, gives him rules, but then asks for him back!! I understand how some people may think staying together would be healthy for your child, but I feel like that's only a good thing if you're in a healthy, loving, unselfish relationship. What's bad is if you're in a bad relationship forcing the love and happiness, but fighting and arguing most of the time is unhealthy for a child. Maci would be better of a single mother. She does such a great job when she's not around Ryan, I think he stresses her out anyway.
Teen Mother Star Rate: ★★★

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Miss.Vee said...

Farrah makes me sooo sick! She's a horrible mother and should have considered adoption or as sad as i am to say it other options. She's all about herself and is not in a position to raise a damn child. Maci is a good mother but she does make horrible decisions when it comes to Ryan. She needs to let him gooooo and keep it moving.