Dec 3, 2009


No! I'm not moving to another site or anything like that...he he he... I don't even feel like I'm there yet. I don't even know if people read my blog! I really wish I had more readers! I guess if I put more interesting things on here then I would get more exposure. So, I was thinking, and I wrote out a list of ideas that I have for my blog! I need to treat it like another child, because it's actually fun to do. I have goals I am trying to reach and interviews I want to do with people from around the world. I do believe that i have REALLY GOOD interview questions. I come up with them from my heart and soul. I want to have a blog that goes from here to there..ALLOVER! So I guess the first step needs to be taken instead of standing and thinking about getting excited..LOL.. So.. I'll get started soon!! Christmas Break is coming up which means I'll have SOOO much time on my hands!! I can't wait to deliver something fun and informing to you guys!! Toodles!

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