Jul 11, 2009


So... I don't know what I have been feeling lately. But a lot of negative energy just seems to find me. Sometimes this negative energy makes me just want to be alone.. like really alone. NO PHONE, TV, LIGHTS... nothing. It's almost like everyone I talk to (as in conversation, like mama, neighbor, etc) builds into something negative. I just want to go away and be in my own and on my own. I'm blessed to have those that "love" me, but even those that love you unconditionally can let you down. I really don't like to keep track of how many times I've been disappointed because I've been let down by those who I thought something of me, or still thinks things of me that don't apply, or blame because some things don't go as they planned... and so on.. But hey.. Who am I to say that these people love me... I don't know anything... I don't know them. I'm supposedly the person who has the bad attitude and enable people to talk to me "regularly"... The Only One and Only is God that will always come through. Peace.

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