Jul 6, 2009

All Dressed Up w/ Nowhere to Go..

So... I am 21 years of age and traveled like some don't get to travel at all, and I don't have my license!! Ugh! It's soo dreadful to think about!! I want to car so bad. I know financially it's not time for me to get one, but that's like a number thing to get/do on my list! My grandmother said that I would get one on my graduation from college, but we shall see. I ask for a car, and the first question (excuse) is "Do You Have a License?" Watch when I get one, I still won't get to drive! No, I don't know... But I need my license so I can make some moves!! DANG! I still need to make an eye appointment to get me some new glasses!!! Shoot and other stuff!! School is about to be back in Next Friggin' Month!! I need to get to it!!

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