Jun 24, 2009

Sweetest Thing

We had a little dispute tonight. Instead of me staying upset at him, I actually took the time, not that I don't do this anyways, and listened to him, and why he was "talking" (yelling) at me. Some of things he said to me made my heart smile a little... just a little. He's so stubborn and rude sometimes, but he won't let anyone run over him, and that's one of the reasons why I love him (patrick) so. I can't blame him for wanting perfect, and wanting the best, but sometimes we can't always have that... right? He's the sweetest person though. I can tell he REALLY loves me , and hopefully he knows that I love him. He's not the easiest to get along with, but I don't think I can live without him. We fight of course (non-physical), his last name is Brown, but he's no Chris!! LOL Lame! But what couple doesn't fight?!? Instead of throwing the building bricks at each other, we actually build.. We're building something so great! I've never witnessed, felt, or heard of love like this. I'm very grateful for the fights and the make-ups because some girls don't get as lucky as me. Sometimes it gets a little crazy because both of us are outspoken and stubborn, and at the same time we're both in love. This won't be too long.. cause I'm feelin' way more than the words on this page... so babe if you're reading this. Know that I LOVE you so very much, even when I feel like kicking you in your chest! Only I can want to kick you in your chest cause if anybody else wanted to they gotta get kicked in the face! LOL... but really I'll be here UNTIL...And for those who decides to read this and is not on this level, sorry for ya! But just know.. it feels nice way up here! Goodnite...

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