Jun 17, 2009


Every once and while, in my life, I feel like something's missing. You know how you have those talks with yourself saying something like, "I know I'm supposed to be something great. I am going to be something great. So why am I sitting here?" You know what I mean? Lately I haven't been making the moves that I've been wanting to or needing to make-- That's my fault. But I would like to get some type of recommendations from some people for some type of head start to get to where I want to be- know who to talk to. The career that I would like to lead to and continue to grow from there is A&R (Artist and Repertoire)-- You don't know about it, look it up. When I think about my career I get so excited! I know it's going to be something I love and won't quit. I think I need to move out of my home town because nothing happens here! I'm not in the center, I'm on the outside. I know a lot of and about my craft to not be where my craft is being produced and not touched by me, or at least where I can reach. Once I make my moves; which results into me making a (personal) list! Ugh! I have to know my foundation and build from the ground up. I always get inspired over the summer. The summer is when I get most of my thinking done. I just hope this time it doesn't go away. Maybe starting tonight, every night, my bedtime story can be me going to bed thinking about my next MOVES-my new PLANS for my future. I have to start somewhere... See U in Due Course!

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Miss.Vee said...

seriously...it may sound cliche or whatever...but internships...in this day and age its not as easy to get to being in A&R especially with companies downgrading and such....u start at internships and make connections... the more connections you have the more you"ll be able to get where you wanna be...that's all this business is about