May 7, 2009


Hello bloggers... and others. I would first like to start off with a proper introduction. My name is Rachel Beau. I just got that name today. What's my real name you ask? That's not important. Any who, to share a little about myself I'm going to inform you that I'm a misunderstood female, that is currently enrolled as a commercial music major senior at a 4 year university. I think I'm sort of interesting and a well rounded person. I love all types of music! I also like learning new things. I like photography, fashion, food, and new stuff!I guess sooner or later blogging will be included in this here hobby list. 
 But the reason I started this blog is simply because I want to share my thoughts instead of keeping em up in the "dome home". I try a journal but what's the fun if you're still the only person that knows? So this is something new for me, Hopefully I'll grow to like it! See you in due course!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Rachel, welcome to blogspot world. I am waiting for your next posting.