May 8, 2009

Feel The Burn

So, I'm thirty pounds over weight. That would make we morbidly obese right? So I have to do something about this as soon as I get back home to Memphis! I have to be more dedicated though. The only problem that I have is getting up and exercise! It's no fun shopping and trying on clothes that you think would probably fit that nice body of yours, to only be let down by the jeans you thought you were going to wear with your new pumps to be stopped mid-thigh! I don't know if it's the media getting to me with all the little petite people on television or if I really need to lose it! But Hey! I'm 5'2' and my LBS aren't looking 5'2'-ish... I have to really buckle down and get to pumpin.. A Job, school, my new doggie, and my big plan. I'm feeling kind of motivated right now! I would like to get some suggestions about loosing weight! quickly!! and keeping it off! See u in due COURSE! 

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