May 8, 2012

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

The day that I'd been waiting for, for years, had finally come. I'm officially a college graduate! You have know idea how much I'd gone through to get across the stage and have the feeling of success! It was a joyful experience to see my family and friends cheering me on with smiles and laughter. I've never felt so good!

I did my invites myself because my schedule was hectic, and this was beyond convenient. I didn't mail any out unless someone messaged me personally to let me know that wanted one for keepsakes. I thought placing them on Facebook and tagging family and friends was much easier--I think it worked out perfectly. 
I don't know if you could tell, but I was going for a cute "retro" pinup natural hairstyle. For my first attempt, I think it looks pretty bomb. I think I'll try it again, but a different method. I'll let you guys know how I did it in a video or something. 
Though you can't see them, I wore Steve Madden platform sandals--they were sickening! My dress was a classic black dress from H&M, and my nails and toes were painted with Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear polish in Mint Sorbet.
I think these colors together were cute and compatible! 

(mother's side of family and my beautiful cake from Aunt  Tani)
I'll have plenty more of photos to show you in another photo gallery post, and I do mean plenty. 
I'm so excited to have graduated. I'm proud of myself for not being fearful and discouraged even though their were times those feelings wanted to take over. I thank God for the family and friends he sent my way to help and push me through this process. 
I love you all, and I promise to continue to make you proud! 
-xx beau.

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Jaida McKie said...

Congratulations sis! I'm proud of you! Alumna status. BOW! ^_^ You look pretty in your pictures and that cake is EVERYTHING!