Apr 9, 2012

My 1st Bantu Knot-Out

Since I've gotten rid of my boxed braids, I needed to figure out something quick I could do to my kinks before bed. Having my braids made me spoil! I've grown bored and tired of braid-outs--the results weren't always what I wanted. Now I'm in love with Bantu Knots! It's so quick and cute! When I unraveled the knot it left such a cute spiral/krinkly kink! I loved how the ends weren't straight, which are usually the results of my braid-outs. I used shea butter to put em up , and to take them down I used olive oil... Simple as that. In conclusion, I love the Bantu knot-out! That's that!
(photos by R.Beau)
The style kind of reminded me of Whitney Houston's earlier hair :)
(via Tumblr)

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Memoirs of the Chic said...

It's pretty sis! I definitely wanna try a bantu knot-out on my hair soon to see how it looks.