Mar 7, 2012

Who Would Put Cotton On Their Wedding Cake?!

 There's this wedding blog called 
Green Wedding Shoes . 
Not that I am, but for anyone who is, this would be a fabulous resource for inspiration and ideas. I like the blog because it showcases love, art, creativity and emotion.
There are plenty of wedding pictures and videos throughout the blog, but my favorite, favorite, and favorite wedding video is

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Jeanette and Finley Highlight from Cabana Pictures on Vimeo.
First thing first, Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" was their choice of music for the film, which screams and yells soulful taste. The wedding's ceremony was held in an art gallery with a Black Historic type of style. Jeanette says she is a fan of handheld style film sort of like some of the scenes in Love Jones. I loved everything they did with the cotton and duck feather accents because I never would have thought to put any of that on my wedding cake. The groomsmen paper boy hats (1 of my favorite hats) were adorable and the bride's dress looked beautiful and refreshing. The whole theme was beyond classic and historic.
The highlights of their video were everything I needed to see to recognize that their wedding was done in good taste.
What do you think about it? 

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