Dec 28, 2011

Add to Playlist: J. Cole "Can't Get Enough" and "Paulette"

Hey there!! I hope you all had an outstanding holiday! I'll share mine with you all in a later post. Right now I wanted to share some music with you guys. You probably already know the song because  J. Cole is showing out with this album, and it's blasting on radio stations everywhere! While I like other songs on his album, "Can't Get Enough", produced by Brian Kidd, is the song that just gets me jumpin' like no other.  When I heard it, it made me want to dress up and go to one of those Barbados carnivals with a two-piece and huge feathers on my head!
One thing I love about music is how all genres are tied to one another. I don't know if I was the only one that heard the "Latin" type of music being sampled in the song(I'm into that type of stuff), but I was anxious to hear the original song and I wanted to know who the artist was as well.
Look at what I found! 
I was shocked to see that this Latin sound was coming from an African band!!! The song is titled "Paulette", a "poignant love story of a relationship where trust and confidence have disappeared." by Balla et ses Balladins. They're a group from Republic of Guinea, which is a country in West Africa. I mean, who would've guessed?!
Take a listen! I think you'll like it! It feels great to get musically educated! 

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