Jul 23, 2011

Rachel Beau's Nightly Natural Hair Routine

Hey lovelies I recently just posted a video to youtube to show you guys what I do to my hair before I hit the sheets! My hair got bigger as the day went on.The spritzer that I use is homemade. It's just some olive oil (yes, the oil that you cook with), and some water. I don't really comb through my hair. I use my fingers, but I do slightly detangle my ends with my Denman brush because my hair is so coily it tends to tangle. I used Shea Moisture Style Milk for moisture, Eco-Styler Gel for my ends, and some shea butter for moisture as well as the sheen look. Plenty of people that I know personally always ask what it is that I do to my hair, and now your questions are answered in the flesh! LOL

What's in my head! (products)

This is how it looked when I took my braids down before I separate d it.

PLEASE excuse my messy bed! LOL!
This is how it looked after I slightly separated it. I didn't want it to look frizzy.

 To all my naturals--try this method and tell me how it works out for you! 

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