Jul 24, 2011

New Stuff!

Hey there beautifuls! I got some new stuff, and I just wanted to share with you guys!! I don't really need to type too much because you clearly see the pictures! LOL! Almost everything is from Plato's Closet except the shoes that are from Target. 

This cute lil' bag I got from Plato's closet for 12 bucks! It looks like a Chanel, no? I mean, except for the little "G" button--but who cares?! It's just so cute!
These accessories are from Plato's as well. I don't remember what the "luck" ring and the twisted bangle cost, but I do know that my shades were 4 bucks. I still want some Tom Ford's aviator shades, but these will do for now.:)

These are cute floral sandals that I got from Target on sale for 10bucks(Hence the torn tag on the left shoe..LOL)! Shout-Out to my fav Flame Hicks for letting me copy her shoes and get me some! They were just too cute to pass up. 
What are recent new purchases of the summer?

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