Jul 4, 2011

Coming Soon!

Hey lovelies! Hope you guys had a lovely Independence Day! 
I spent the day with some of my family today. It was sort of bittersweet because it was just for one day, but I cherished every moment. I didn't have any BBQ because no one cooked any. I'm glad that wasn't the case because I'm a vegetarian now! It probably wouldn't have been tempting to smell the meat. I just know now to bring my own package of fresh Portobello Mushrooms and Broccoli for the cook to throw not the grill! :)
Back to the main news at hand--there will be a giveaway soon so please be on the lookout! There will be details this week and what the giveaway will consist! I'm very excited because this will be my first giveaway! Hopefully I will get plenty of responses! I know you guys are willing to help GeauxBeau©!!
So, on that note, stay tuned and keep reading for updates! 

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