Jul 15, 2011

Add To Playlist: Frank Ocean "Nostalgia, Ultra" (Long Over Due Edition)

We All Try- Frank Ocean

I've listened to most of OFWGKTA music. As crazy as they sound, I'm very fond of their imaginative productions--It's very different from what has been delivered in music over the past years. Frank Ocean is apart of the OFWGKTA movement and I'm really excited about what is about to happen to his career. He just dropped a mixed tape that I can't stop playing over and over again--"Nostalgia,Ultra". I just want tons and tons of music from him! He's a great songwriter! I didn't know that he's written for artist like Brandy & Beyonce--you know I love those women. I would love to work with him one day. I'm working on coming up like him! Best wishes to him and his career!

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