Jun 9, 2011

Better With Age: Advanced Style Blog

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on Nowness.com.

"You're gonna be an old woman someday--don't worry about it!"

You know, I've been of victim of thinking that when I get old that I won't be able to be as versatile as I am now in my young years. I've hear plenty of people tell me "What are you going to do about your tattoos and style when you get old?" These women and many more on the Advanced Style Blog have given me a whole bunch of life and inspiration! I sometimes forget that there are some things actually do get BETTER WITH AGE, and these lovely ladies helped me to remember I can be as different and as classic as I want to be as LONG AS I LIVE! 
Please check out this blog for loads of inspiration!
I love It!I think you would too! 

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