May 9, 2011

*raises hand*

I haven't given up on my blog. I'm not going to lie to you. I did get a bit discouraged from blogging because I figured "no one is reading anyway.", "I have no time to write.", "My life is too boring to have a blog." any who, that's in past. I'm about to get back into this thing. I want to change some things about the blog, but I don't know what. What do you think? When I look back over my blog, there has been so much change that has taken place on this ole thing! I think I'm just going to blog without thinking about it so hard... what do you think? Is that how you blog? Or if you did own a blog would you do that? Hell, I don't know. Just know I'm back. Toddles.


LaManouchka said...

I get toootally your point, I've been through such low moments over the years (I'm blogging since july 2008). Do your think just like you feel it, that's the best piece of advice I've ever got !


.dori tee. said...

Jah, you've returned! But yeah, I got way too deep with blogging and it prevented me from being as free as I started out. I say blog like no one's reading. And blog what you want to blog. Somewhere out here on these internets, somebody will appreciate it!