May 25, 2011

Australia 60 Minutes: "God Hates Fags"

I just want to say that I am a young woman who believes in God and his works. I believe that God is a Loving God and a God that is capable of ALL THINGS. God puts things in your path to test your faith and your heart. God created good and he also created evil. And for those with good hearts, or those who are wanting a good heart, he puts you in positions (test) to be able to have a good heart. There are times that you will be put to test to see if you are who you say you are. There are people who can easily say that they are of God and do devilish things. There are people who are tested by God regularly and fail them. I'm not perfect. There have been times that I don't act as I should, but I am not a hateful person. 
I am a person who believes in loving EVERYONE. I love homosexuals, Jews, australian, flat booty, short hair, tall, short, lop-sided..etc, because they are the works of God, and because I wouldn't want anyone to judge me based off of my decisions. Plus having all of the different types of people in the world is AWESOME and  intriguing. I understand that it says in the bible that men shouldn't sleep with men and women shouldn't sleep with women, but it also says a lot of other things that we shouldn't do that people tend to ignore (READ LEVITICUS). How people live their lives I have nothing to with. It's none of my business who they choose to love, and how they choose to live. All I know is that We all are apart of the human race. We all love, we all hurt, we all shit and piss, and we all have to survive in this cruel world. I'm an African American female who's probably been judged based off of my race, and my beautiful hair that I was created with. Once upon a time I wouldn't have been considered a human but an animal, and treated like such. 
All I'm trying to say, is that there are really clueless, unintelligent, ignorant people here in this world that we live in. it shouldn't be this hard to just LOVE and to be UNDERSTANDING. People can be THE WORST! Just be as kind as you can be. For all of  my Black people, my Jewish people, my Australian people, Gay people, straight people, and anyone who has been crudely judge because of who you are know that I love you, and God loves you too. He knows that we are warriors and this will not tear us down. We are undefeated!  

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