Jan 10, 2011

My Last Days in December of 2010

I was definitely excited about one of my gifts I received. If you're a frequent reader, then you know how long I've been wanting these Jessica Simpson platform heels. My Granma got them for me for only $76 dollars and some change. I don't remember exactly, but the original price was way higher than how much she paid! 

These are some ornaments from our tree. Silly me forgot to take a picture of the entire tree, but I got some great shots of the decorations. The 1st ornament is President Obama. It has a button on it that when you push it, it has him saying "yes we can". The second ornament is of a little chocolate drop playing a string instrument (not sure if it's violin or viola). This ornament is new- my granma likes to collects ornaments. I think that's cute.

My family and I were so excited to play "Just Dance" (The Michael Jackson Version) on the Wii. Boy, was I winning. The little guy in the front was a bit competitive, but I showed him up. This year the family decided not to "holiday" dress, and everyone kind of stayed in their jammies (company and all). I enjoyed my Christmas.  

I went to an Asian restaurant called "Stix". We sat at a table with a Hibachi(?) Grill. Let me start off by saying that I've never been to one of these, so I was a bit more excited than others. It was my little cousin's birthday and he chose this place. He has great taste to be only 10 years old. The "Heart of Rice" and the "Onion Volcano" was so pretty! Too bad we had to eat it. When the meal was over, I read my fortune. I thought it was pretty interesting. And my lucky numbers on the back added up to a  number I've been seeing everywhere. If I see it again, OFF TO THE LOTTERY WE GO! 

This is his first drum set. He says to me "Since you know how to sing, and you're in school for music, do you think we can start a band?" I thought that was so beautiful! I was honored of course! I really want him to do great on this thing! Since my guy is a drummer, he was extremely excited to know that Tanner asked specifically for him to teach him some drumming tricks. 

Here's my loving roommate/friend on her 21st birthday (yes, she's a baby). We were at a Mexican Restaurant (my fav) and I had a delicious Mango Margarita. She's blowing out her candles and becoming a woman of legalization! Yay her!

I love the picture above that I took with Benjamin (my camera). Well, I love all of them, but some pictures I capture, I just amaze myself! My younger sister and I went to a basketball game and the home team scored! As you can see, that got em up out of their seats and caused me to get a hell of an action shot! Woohoo! The last picture is of this delicious brownie my sister and I had because of us lying and saying we were twins and it was our birthday. I was born in March 88 and she was born in August 91. LOL.. Lying-Bad, Brownie-Good.


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