Dec 28, 2010

A little Too Relaxed... my bad

So since I've been away from school I've been home, and boy does it feel so so so so good! My mission for the holidays was to be extremely lazy and to not think about anything. Okay, Okay, I know- the whole "not thinking about anything" is a bit drastic, but when you're as busy as me and you finally get a break, it's incredible. 
On another note, I do want to wish you lovely readers happy holidays since I was too selfish to post anything for you guys on Christmas Day. I do have some pictures to share with you guys with the lens I got for my Canon SLR for Christmas. Until then, this will be just another post letting you guys know that I'm still here, that a lot of things are about to expand and change, and to not forget to keep reading I promise to bring you more! 

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