Aug 8, 2010

What's My Summer Been Like? Ketchup Pics!

Hey you guys I haven't posted any pics of my summer so far! I would like to share with what's been consuming my hot days this summer!
Carla and Arthur. I'm on the bride's side. :) The Bride is actually Patrick's cousin. Patrick and I had a wonderful evening.. I'll have to find some nice pictures of us together later.. 

Patrick and I got free tickets to a redbirds game! I look REALLY ROUGH! Please don't hold it against me! I was a little tired..hehe! We were in for a good cool time because we had a nice sky box!! The nachos were GREAT! Aaand we almost got hit in the face with a baseball. The baseball hit the window of the sky box and almost broke it. whew! close maybe? 

The cook you see above ^^ (my lovely grandmother) made a slammin' meal! I don't eat beef or pork, so she made turkey burgers and turkey dogs! Yummy! We also had chicken, cole slaw, and some corn on the cob. The corn tasted like nothing I've ever tasted before! It was so DELICIOUS! Good food and good family fun is always a plus for me! :)

These are my main men! They're actually my little cousins. Tyran and Tanner are the coolest guys you could ever meet. They reminded me of how fun things used to be and because you're older it doesn't mean you have to put all of those things aside! We played Twister, Trouble, and a couple of rounds of UNO! I taught them a couple of tricks of my own then those knuckle heads started using them against me! In the end I was always the champ! Hooray for me! 


Lott Roxx said...

lol i don't eat beef or pork either. nice pitures. =)

Rachel B. said...

Thanks Le!