Aug 24, 2010

Looks I Like: MiniMunny, FashnEnthusiast, Jazza, and Bennie52491

(from L to R clockwise)

1. MiniMunny- Los Angeles, Ca: The title of her look was "First Day of My New Job" I thought that was so cute! I love how relaxed and chic this looks. I really love the pants w/ the belt and the cardigan. This is something I would wear on a rainy day to class- or maybe even a sunny day with slight winds! LOL.. While I'm being a meteorologist, I'm loving this look! LOL

2. FashnEnthusiast- Bronx, NY: She was also going to work. Why does everyone have a job but me! LOL.. Anywho- I love the scarf with the peach blazer. I'm all about the comfy and chic! I'm still working on it, but this look for the work place is a great look!

3. Jazza- London, England: All I'm going to say is that I have a "Hard Rock Cafe" sweatshirt, and yes, I will refurbish mine just because of how it looks on her! I love the socks with the sandals- the sweat shirt with the fluffy skirt- The contradicting of the styles just go so well!

4. Bennie52491- Brooklyn, NY: I love all of the multi patterns, and how she popped a splash of color with the necklace. Might I add that I LOVE her hair! :) I never would've thought to put boots with this outfit- she did and it looks great! Whomever made up that crazy rule about "never wear polka dots and stripes" Their nuts! I do it all of the time and she's seeing proof that it's a wonderful match!

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