Aug 4, 2010

Hair Like Hers!: Chantal from South Jersey!

1. Where are you from? and When did you BC??
I am from South Jersey. I did my BC September 21, 2009!! And haven’t looked back since.

2. What's your absolute FAVORITE part of your hair regimen and your FAVORITE product to use?
My favorite part of my regimen is getting my hair all wet and co washing it. It feels so good to have the warm water run in my hair, then to rinse it with cold water; so refreshing. I know you didn’t ask, but my least favorite part is detangling, it takes forever and by that time, I’m tired. My favorite product right now would have to be any type of shea butter or shea butter whip. They leave my hair very soft and shiny.

3. If your hair could be compared to any style or design of shoe, what should would it be?
This is really hard, and very funny to me LOL. Lets see…My hair gets tightly coiled with a lot of shrinkage. It’s really thick, and has a brown copper reddish color. I would have to say UGGS. LOL. Inside is wool (thick like my hair) and the outside is tough and reminds me of the color tint that henna gave my hair. Good Question!
4. Which excuse are you tired of hearing the most when it comes to why women won't go natural?
I won’t say I’m tired of hearing the excuses, because I was once there myself. The most common one that I hear is “I just can’t” or “It takes too long to get there.” The reason I am not annoyed by these comments is because about a year and a half ago, I was that person. I never thought in a million years I would stop relaxing my hair until my friend talked to me. She didn’t persuade me to stop relaxing my hair. She actually suggested I do what I wanted and what made me happy. I love her to this day! (Ashanti ^_^)

5. What's the hair style that you rock that makes you feel like "Can't nobody tell me NOTHING!"? LOL this is funny. I would have to say my frohawk with cornrows or flat twists on the side. Or sometimes I feel like that with a mean braid out.
6. Do you ever have fights with your hair?
Yes. I had one about 2 months ago while I was at school. I guess it just got tired of me messing with it. I was trying to braid/twist it every night while I was at RA training. It just wouldn’t do right. So I washed it, and really deep conditioned. I guess it just needed a break.

7. What is your opinion about the statement "Natural Is Not for Everyone?"
I kind of have to agree. Not because of look wise, I think all natural hair is beautiful. I only agree because some people just don’t want natural hair. Therefore, if you don’t want it, I guess it isn’t for you. I don’t bash women who have relaxers, because I was there myself. There’s nothing wrong with having straight hair. It’s when people begin to tear one another down for having the hair that they have; that’s when I get upset.

8. What is the best part of having natural hair?
I love that I can go to the beach, and get it wet and not worry about having to do it all over again. I also like the versatility that it brings as well as this new edge I guess. Lol. I really like that it looks so short when it shrinks. I can wear it short one day and big & fluffy the next!

9. What would your message be to people who have a negative or not so informed aspect about natural hair?
I would say that sometimes we are all guilty of ignorance, including myself. The best thing to do is ask questions, and don’t shut something out because you do not know anything about it. Take time to learn and understand why people do the things they do. I always tell people if you ask me, I’ll tell you. So just ask. I think more people would be “ok” with natural hair if you just asked question.

P.S. I'm very glad that Chantal decided to be featured on my lil ol' blog!! I just wanted to add one of my favorite styles of her hair.. LOL.. 
I think it's so cute, classy, and all purpose! Thanks Again Chantal!!

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