Jul 11, 2010

My Project, My Dress! ;)

Hey you guys I'm back!! returning with a cute little project to pass my summer by! :).. hopefully soon I'll take some pics in my cute little dress. I don't know where I'd where it,because you know I don't have a life, but I would really love to wear this dress to some place exquisite.. It's really pretty and really my personality, and I would love to know what you all think about it! Check out the rest of the pics! ;) toodles!

It was 3 to 4 in the morn! Mickey kept me company with hot Chai!

This picture tickles me.. :)


Miss.Vee said...

I LOVE THE DRESS!!! JAN!!! It's CAAAUUUTTTEEE!!! Take a picture with it on!

Jaida said...

I love the dress FED! This is definitely you!

Jequise said...

i love it!i wish i could sew, well i'm learning as i go lol

Sunshine said...

That last picture tickles me too :-)

I want that dress badly! That is one of the things I want to do (if I could ever find the time) Sew my own clothes.

I'm jealous!

Rachel B. said...

Thank You all ladies!! I appreciate it!