Jul 31, 2010

360 of my Daily Thoughts.

1. God is So Amazing
2. Yes, I'm still alive
3. I want to spend so much money at ALDO online
4. No one will hire me
5. I need a job
6. Graduation is close and I still don't know what my next move is.
7. I miss my friends
8. 30lbs need to be scared of me and LEAVE my BODY!
9. I need my hair cut
10. I want to go on a shopping spree
11. I want to try a Brazilian Wax
12. I want my own place
13. My parents get on my nerves
14. Patrick is disconnected
15. I need a vacation where a beach is
16. I want a tattoo
17. I need to plan my graduation activites
18. I need to cry
19. I need a long tight-squeezed hug
20. I need to get started.

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