Jun 2, 2010

There would've been more pics if I had my memory card in the right camera! LOL.. But The first pic is me coming back from a darn good run! It felt so great!! when I was coming back home, the sun decided to keep me company, and the neighborhood was so quiet and peaceful..:)

Me and the boyfriend decided to go out and have night on the town in the city- plain and simple. He's nice company when he wants to be ;-).. He never reads my blog, so it's okay that I said that..LOL 

Next time I promise there will be more pics and fieldtrips! Plus I have been slipping with my thrift store visits! 


Jequise said...

i love your blog!! i'm following its amazing! if you don't mind checking mine out it's
www.smearedmakeup.blogspot.com ♥

Rachel B. said...

Thanks so much for reading and following! I will mos def return the follow! :)