Jun 1, 2010

Starting Summer Off Right

Hey you guys!! Before you shoot me, I would like to apologize for the sparse entries- personal and informal. I'm in the midst of getting a lot done with my life right now.. I'm 22 and I will be done with school VERY soon, and I want to be prepared for after college life when I'm done. Another thing is that I've been thinking about how I can really advance my blog as much as I can.. Personally I'm having issues with how I look- as far as weight, and I'm extremely annoyed by "Bootsie" my belly. Bootsie comes out to play when she needs to stay and hide away! I could go on forever about what I'd like to change physically about Beau's Booty (lol), but I feel like once I get this in tact, everything else will come along. I want to be healthier, more organized, centered, and start my life right to have the life I am blessed to have. So, there's so much to do ,and I decided to pick good ole JUNE 1st since it's the middle of the year. I mean why not make your pivot point at the middle I think it's a good idea (insert light bulb here)

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